The Process

MARKed Products specializes in custom manufacturing and packaging services for the nutritional supplement industry.


Manufacturing Services & Raw Material Sourcing :

• Encapsulating (hard gelatin, vegetable capsules, and softgels). • Tableting
• Powder blending and formulating
• We can process your own raw materials or supply them from our own sources.
• Custom formulations

Label Design & Packaging Services:

• Complete packaging of capsules, tablets and powders into bottles.
• Application of labels, lot number, expiration date, and security seals.
• We can supply various size bottles and caps and assist in label design and printing.


Whether you have existing formulations or only a product concept we will have our highly skilled scientist and technicians work with you along the way to ensure the product meets and exceeds your expectations.

Encapsulation Our encapsulation machines are capable of handling various capsule sizes. We utilize high speed fully automatic encapsulation machines. We offer standard gelatin capsules, vegetable based capsules, and softgel capsules.


Our tableting machines are capable of handling a variety of different size tablets and caplets. If you have a unique shape or require tablet branding we can obtain the appropriate tooling. We can produce tablets to meet the hardness, color, texture, and disintegration needs of our customers.


We have been making various health and sports nutrition powders for nearly two decades. Our team has helped companies of all sizes and budgets manufacture custom protein powder products or improve on an existing product line. Regardless of your needs, we are dedicated to providing you with quality powder manufacturing services that meet and exceed your expectations!


We offer various packaging options. Numerous bottle/container shapes, sizes, and colors are available along with a variety of caps. We can offer child resistant caps, induction seals, desiccants, and security neck bands to meet your specific requirements.

Fast Quote and Product Turnaround Time – All quotes submitted through our website or over the phone are turned around in 24 to 48 hours.

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