As more people struggle to balance a hectic family and work life in today’s busy world, consumers have become more concerned about issues such as poor memory and concentration, sluggish energy, and high stress levels. Because many of these consumers are turning to nutritional supplements featuring all-natural ingredients, supplement distributors can easily monetize the growing demand by providing innovative supplement and vitamin formulations, convenient product and/or packaging forms, or by creating a well-developed private labeled brand.As consumers recover from post-holiday activities, many will turn to energy enhancing supplements to ease the transition back to their routine schedule.  Distributors have many options for innovative ingredients that have been promoted in the media, and should certainly include these top-selling products in order to meet your consumers’ demands.

Oat Straw Extract and Rhodiola were recently featured on a popular daytime medical television during a segment discussing improving low energy. Oatstraw extract contains a high concentration of Vitamin B complex, which is commonly found in energy health supplements. Rhodiola, also known as Golden Root, has also been thought to support energy, endurance, stamina, as well as relieving stress related anxiety. While both Oat Straw Extract and Rhodiola are both marketed as energy boosting supplements, they both can be found in many sexual performance enhancers for both men and women.

Chicoric Acid, another ingredient highlighted in the media, has also gotten more consumer awareness for providing energy and stress support because of the antioxidant properties it possesses. Because manyantioxidants have been thought to support both mental and energy related health, Chicoric Acid will continue to gain popularity among consumers.

For other consumers, attempting to manage a multitude of tasks and obligations can become a challenge.  According to the Cognition Lab of the University of Utah, only 2 percent of people can juggle multiple tasks without losing focus, which can increase anxiety-related stress.  As studies continue to surface regarding the favorable effects of supplements for cognitive health, manufacturers will continue to generate products to meet the demands of the industry.

Omega-3 products are an extremely popular category in the supplement industry reaching $25.4 billion in sales in 2011. Omega-3 and essential fatty acids have been thought to support memory and cognitive functions. Many consumers turn to Omega-3 formulations and fortified products in response to age-related issues, but a recent study has also suggested that healthy young adults who increase their intake of Omega-3 may also enhance their working memory.

Another consideration that supplement distributors should consider when developing a energy, stress, or mental health support formulation is the delivery method that will be utilized for the product. Consumers seeking energy products, for example, are often seeking a quick, convenient method of usage such as liquid shots. Other innovations, such as single-serve packaging or powder mixes, can target consumers looking for easy-to-take formulations.

Supplement distributors can also increase profits by creating personalized, private labeled energy and cognitive health supplements. By creating a brand that targets your specific consumer base, you increase the value of your product. This can also help you develop effective marketing and advertising campaigns that best reach your intended user. A reputable supplement manufacturer can provide distributors insight into the market, and also help business owners create a targeted, effective brand that fits with their marketing and distribution model.

As alternative remedies to widespread concerns become increasingly popular, consumers continue to spend top dollar on natural solutions to resolve them.  Distributors should ensure that they continuously work to develop new and exciting products for their business. By expanding your inventory to include trending ingredients, supplement business owners can reach a wider segment of consumers and capitalize on growing awareness of these ingredients. The rapid rate of growth of mental and energy supplements gives distributors a great deal of opportunity to expand their business, but also points to the need of private label and convenience packaging to allow for product differentiation in a growing market. By creating a unique, targeted product and brand, supplement distributors can quickly and easily strengthen their nutritional product business.